Local Contractors & Service Providers
Trinity Public Utilities (electricity provider serving majority of County): 530-623-5536
PG&E (electricity provider serving limited areas of County): 800-743-5002
Hayfork Public Water & Sewer: 530-628-5449
Weaverville Public Water & Sewer: 530-623-5051 www.weavervillecsd.com
Campora (Propane tanks & fuel, serves all County): 530-623-2371
Verizon Telephone Service: 800-483-4000
Keep in mind that there aren't many cellular phone service providers for our area.   (Verizon offers the broadest coverage for Trinity County)
Trinity Hospital: 530-623-5541
Trinity County Life Support (ambulance): 530-623-2500
PHI Air Ambulance: 888-435-9744
Architects/Civil Engineers/Surveyors: CLICK HERE to view the list provided by Trinity County
Licensed Contractors: CLICK HERE to view a list of contractors provided by Trinity County