Cannabis & Timber Specalists
License #:02039145
Mobile: (707) 502-4086
Mobile: (707) 672-3484
Team Evergreen facilitates sales in land, cannabis, timber, residential, and commercial in Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties; Brooklyn and Emily are active field agents working throughout the mountains and valleys of the Emerald Triangle. With a licensed Marketing Assistant, Pat, Team Evergreen is a focused and enthusiastic trio of top-notch real estate agents specailzing in more challenging property sales.

Brooklyn dove into cannabis at a time when permitting and regulations were new, so there was no choice but to learn the process in multiple counties to keep up with the real estate market changes related to it. Team Evergreen now has a well chosen team of  lenders, consultants, attorneys, biologists, and CPA's to help large scale cannabis transactions go down smoothly. They ensure that any problems are solved, and properties and permits are good to go before passing them on. The level of attention, ability to navigate the cannabis world, and consistent hard work have set this team apart.